Total War: Warhammer 3 mod support on Steam coming soon

The premiere of Total War: Warhammer 3, far from being peaceful, was marred by a controversy across the globe that resulted in negative reviews of the game on Steam. Apparently, the Chinese community did not manage to squander the sales of the last title of the trilogy and, based on the first data, it seems that Total War: Warhammer 3 has been a success.

However, far from the dozens of hours and possibilities offered by what we consider to be the most complete game of the license, although not the best, the community has not been able to do its thing with modifications for the game. The mods were not enabledat least officially via Steam because the Steam Workshop support was not activated.

It will be with the next major update, the version 1.1when the British studio Creative Assembly adds support for this Valve service and kicks off the mods in the game. While the development team has been less forgiving of mods over the years, the community has managed to add new content via skins, reworks and changes to the game system.

At the moment, the date of the 1.1 update is unknown, but it will presumably arrive sometime in the future. next april. Aside from that, this update will add some quality of life changes to the game and a new construction chain under the name of “Protection”, which will prevent cracks of Chaos from opening in certain places in our provinces.

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As for the future of the title, several data miners They have brought to light information regarding a possible new faction that would not only make an appearance in the game, but would also be the first intervention of this kingdom in the trilogy: the Chaos Dwarfs. However, the studio’s long-term plans for the title are still unknown.