An Elden Ring player puts Malenia and Radahn to fight with a mod, and the result is as spectacular as it sounds

the work of the community with the soulslike from FromSoftware, especially the trilogy that is the pillar of the Japanese company’s success, is spectacular. Not only have they been able to give these games a spectacular life despite their years, but they have expanded content by their own means and everything seems to indicate that Elden Ring will have the same future.

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It’s still early days to see something like Nightfall, a fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, in this latest opus, but the community is already exploring how far the game can go and experimenting with he. Perhaps the best mod to date is this one, allowing us to be spectators of the epic and bloody battle between Malenia and Radahntwo of the deadliest enemies in the game.

The modder Garden of Eyes, who has worked on similar mods for Dark Souls 3 and even Bloodborne, has shared the first of many videos proposing to take on enemies from the game in a kind of competition to see who is the deadliest. While these two bosses have already clashed, both in the lore from the universe itself as in the game’s intro and pre-launch trailers, we couldn’t imagine how spectacular it would be this fight in about 10 min of video.

This is the contribution of Garden of Eyes, simply making us enjoy a confrontation where, suffice it to say, Melania defeats without much effort the giant General Radahn once it reaches its second phase. Although, to give him a lot of expectation, we can see them face each other in three rounds, where “La Espada de Miquella” win in two of them.

And it is that, both enemies fight with the same patterns, phases and movements that would do it with the player, although, in this case, we are not the target. And you, who do you think should be the next duo to face each other in a later video?

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It should be noted that this user has not modded the game as we are used to. His practice is very similar to that of other users who managed to sneak into the game’s Colosseum weeks ago. Garden of Eyes use different exploit and codes to lay the groundwork for this fight, so it won’t be possible for us to experiment with a similar mod on our computers, at least not now.