Microids signs an agreement with Taito, the head of Space Invaders: it will revive two titles that will be released in 2022

Microids, the French publisher behind Syberia y Flashback, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Japanese video game company Taito, responsible for games such as the successful Space Invaders. This agreement is intended for the development of two new games connected to some classic franchises of the company, apparently they are already in process and are expected to be released in sometime in 2022.

At the moment, there is no more information, but it is likely that knowing that they will be released next year, they could be presented during the Tokyo Game Show 2021 to be held from September 30 to October 3. However, what we do know is that these two projects have been entrusted to experienced teams. “Microids international development strategy is growing and we are proud to partner and collaborate with Taito, ”said Microids CEO Stephane Longeard.

Although the specific name of the IPs still has not been revealed, the CEO of Microids said that these new jobs are sure to surprise many people. In turn, the representative director and president of Taito, Iwagi Katsuhiko, assured that Microids has enough capacity to bring these titles back to life, “I think these installments will give gamers an incredible gaming experience after they go back to modern consoles and make his debut again“Katsuhiko pointed out.

Microids has not only released popular games like the Gear.Club Unlimited saga and Blacksad: Under the Skin, but has also developed classic games like la saga of Siberia and the fourth installment with Syberia The World Before is currently scheduled to release in December. As for Taito, he has developed and edited very popular games como Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Groove Coaster o Tram Forward.