The Last Campfire, the adventure of the creators of No Man’s Sky, leaves its exclusivity in Epic Games and already has a date for Steam

The adventure and puzzle game The Last Campfire, developed by Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky, just announced its arrival on Steam for the next October 7. Also, to give you an idea of ​​what the game offers, a playable demo will be available on October 1 as part of the event Steam Next Fest.

Released in late August 2020 On consoles and on PC at the Epic Games Store, it has garnered very positive feedback. Also, the Steam version brings a series of performance improvements, a higher frame rate limit, game quality improvements, driver support, and Mac compatibility.

“The Last Campfire ha sido a labor of love for a small study team, “reads the press release.” We have been fortunate to receive very good reviews across the board, and a ton of awards and nominations. It seems that it has also struck a chord with people. Now, finally, we bring it to Steam. “

A risky journey in The Last Campfire

The game tells the story of an ember trapped in an enigmatic place in search of the meaning of its existence, while embarking on an adventure back home that will turn into a risky journey where he will have to overcome different adversities. Your world will be inhabited by disoriented beings, strange creatures and mysterious ruins, in addition to a series of puzzles that you will have to solve. Hope will accompany you on your journey to light the last bonfire.

Meanwhile, Hello Games continues to work with different updates for No Man’s Sky. Just a few days ago, I was receiving a patch for Frontiers and it fixed various bugs that were affecting the player experience. In addition, on Steam the video game currently lives its best month in a year and it has become a great adventure, getting very positive reviews.