Dying Light 2 will have almost 200 different weapons, but don’t get fond of them because you’re going to break them anyway.

Developer Techland, has released more details on the weapon design for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. In a new development video Dying 2 Know, producer Szymon Strauss answers several questions from fans and mentions some new and recurring mechanics in the sequel.

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The most recurring mechanic is the wear and tear of weapons in the heat of combat, since anyone who has played the original game knows that the durability of the weapon it was a very important factor. Weapons had a variable stat system regarding durability, causing them to often break from prolonged use. Although it is true that, the game allowed you to hold more than one weapon at a time so you can quickly switch between them.

Almost 200 different weapons in Dying Light 2

Strauss explained that Techland is recovering this same mechanics for Dying Light 2, although they hope that the players will use more verticality and some environmental traps. Also, mention that, although the game does not have firearms, there will be some stationary guns that can be fired. However, the video itself simply shows a concept art of them And it looks like they will be intended to be used in limited situations.

There will be almost available 200 different weapons and almost all of them will be melee, but their designs have changed drastically from the first game. Where you would normally find common knives and machetes, in this sequel most weapons are created from scraps. This is because, the story takes place 20 years later in una lucha postapocalíptica and it is possible to find high-quality machetes made from a single piece of steel or a sharp sign with a bolt-on piece of pipe.

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According to Techland, the weapons created in Dying Light 2 will be improvised recreations of iconic weapons from around the world, which will spark your imagination and creation to protect your life. However, it has suffered a delay very recently, which will have to wait until the February 4, 2022 to introduce us into this catastrophic world.