Deltarune Chapter 2, spiritual successor to Undertale, already has a release date and you will be playing it very soon

If you like RPGs, surely you have heard of Undertale, a cult video game that, despite its simple graphics, has fallen in love with many players around the world. Your Creator Toby Fox released some time ago the first part of Deltarune, considered the spiritual successor of Undertale, and now we have release date for Deltarune Chapter 2.

Toby Fox has announced that Deltarune Chapter 2, the second chapter of Deltarune, will be released on PC and MAC on September 18 at 02:00 in the morning Spanish time. Yes, the time change is a bit wrong for us this time, but we can play it by downloading it from the game’s official page. In it there is also Chapter 1 totally free and you can take advantage of it to try it if you have not already done so.

If you cleared Chapter 1, the game saved your progress after the credits and while sleeping in bed, so you should be able to continue on to 2 without a problem. If you don’t have it, don’t worry, because Toby Fox has commented that nothing happens for not having the save file: yes do you remember the story It will be enough for you to continue the game in this new episode.

It should also be noted that the independent developer has ensured that there will be more chapters Deltarune and the game will not end here. This confirmation is interesting, but we will have to wait to see the rest, since the development team has only finished this second episode at the moment. The first chapter was released in 2018.

At the moment We do not know if this new chapter of Deltarune too it will be free like the first, since this type of information has not been given, but we will get out of doubts in a few hours. It should be noted, because it is still curious, that this announcement has been made just when Undertale has just celebrated its sixth anniversary, although Deltarune is in another world and with other characters.