Vampires, open world survival and action RPG: V Rising presents new gameplay and we want to play it now

If you are fans of open world survival games, pay close attention to V Rising, a new video game that is in development and that has surprised with its new gameplay trailer. This game, created by the indie studio Stunlock Studios, puts us in the skin of a vampire and we will have to conquer the world, as well as build our own castle by building it ourselves.

V Rising has launched its first gameplay video and it is already giving a lot to talk about, and no wonder. This game of open world and survival, construction of bases and even combat along Action-RPG Looks good. With an overhead view, we will wake up as a vampire and we will have to grow little by little, collecting resources, building our castle and conquering different areas of the world.

In the mapping we will find fearsome creatures, some giants, or human beings to whom we will have to suck the blood. As if all that were not enough, the game will also have a multiplayer partBoth cooperative and competitive, with real-time combat that seems fun and dynamic, with melee attacks and magical abilities. You can add it to your wish list on Steam.

As good vampires, we will have to hide during the day and live our adventures at night. At that time we can attack towns, explore or get resources. In this way we will raise our castle out of nowhere, a place that will serve as Headquarters and where we can improve our equipment or that of our allies. In the competitive multiplayer part we can attack other castles.

The game promises a good arsenal of weapons and “unholy skills”, and it may be one of the indie surprises of the next few months. At the moment no release date for the video game, although the development team intends to release a beta de V Rising and 2021. To have access to it, you can already sign up from the official page.