Deathloop investigates stuttering problems on PC and Arkane Studios says fixing it is a priority

The launch of Deathloop, the new video game of Arkane Studios, is being very positive and has been successful among specialized critics. Also early players seem happy with the title, although on PC there are some performance issues that are bothering the experience. Some users complain about stuttering and the studio works on it.

Deathloop is off to a good start, but someone might say otherwise by watching Steam, as the game has “Mixed” reviews on the Valve platform. The main reason for this discontent on the part of the players is the stuttering problems that many users are suffering, something that ruin the experience of game if it is constant.

Other users also complain that the online is not doing as well as it should, but on the performance issue, we can wait for solutions Sooner than later. In a reddit post, one of the game’s Community Managers explained that the studio is Knowledgest of these problems and is investigating the failure as a priority.

In said post, a user has joked that the performance issues are due to the game’s hamburgers looking better than in any other title. “While those burgers look great, […] We are aware that some PC users are experiencing Deathloop stuttering issues. We are actively researching the problem right now as a priority and we will update it with more specific information as soon as possible “, explained the CM.

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Several of the affected users are blaming poor performance on Denuvo, the anti-piracy system that often causes problems, although there does not seem to be clear evidence that this is the case, according to other analyzes. This issue seems somewhat random and is not experienced by many players, but we hope it will be fixed soon.