Rocksmith + adds to the delays and now it will not be possible to enjoy it until 2022: Ubisoft looks for a smooth experience

After several ambitious projects have been announced this week with a delay for next year, in the case of Total War: Warhammer 3 and Dying Light 2, now the guitar game from Ubisoft, Rocksmith +, is added to the list. At first, it was expected that this same debut summer 2021But the summer has already ended and the French company had not given more details until now. With a statement from their official Twitter account, they have stressed that they need more time to offer the best guitar learning experience.

“To ensure we offer the best service for learning to play the guitar, we have decided to delay Rocksmith + until 2022. We will take this opportunity to incorporate community suggestions during our closed beta. We are convinced that this new launch plan will give us more time to offer a seamless experience to all guitar lovers and the bass, “the statement read.

Learn to play the guitar in real time

“Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to sharing more about Rocksmith + shortly. “Rocksmith + offers real-time information on how we play the guitar, with precise note detection to know whether or not we are playing a song correctly. This feature is compatible with any guitar, acoustic or electrical, through the complementary mobile application Rocksmith+ Connect.

The first installment allowed more than four million players learn the basics of guitar and bass, and you want to raise the bar even higher with a much more accessible version, which will work with the subscription system and allow you to have a much smoother experience. Rocksmith + will add new arrangements every week, from all genres of music, and it will even be possible to create your own arrangements to share online.

The new Rocksmith + release date has not been announced And all we know so far is that it will arrive sometime in 2022. Ubisoft has promised to share more information soon, so we will have to wait for more details.