God of War or Demon’s Souls seem to arrive on PC, but not because a supposed leak of GeForce Now says so

Over the past few hours, many PC gamers have been discussing rumors pointing to the possible release of games so far PlayStation exclusive, como el remake de Demon’s Souls, God of War (2018) o Returnal en Steam. ¿El motivo? GeForce Now.

Nvidia’s cloud gaming service stars in a Medium article where editor Ighor July claims to have found an experimental interface that reveals numerous titles – a list of 18,000 – among which are not only numerous steam games that today are not compatible, but some more … curious applications.

Those from the Sony catalog are among them, but also Adobe Photoshop, Maya or Twitch among others. In fact, there was Super Mario Bros. for Wii, and at this point I think it is feasible to state emphatically that the fact that this or that application appears on the hidden compatibility list of GeForce Now it does not necessarily mean that it will be commercially available.

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That said, there are reasons to think that some of the games currently in the PlayStation catalog will end up on PC: Sony has given up the control your IP little by little over the years to the point that some games like Days Gone or Horizon: Zero Dawn are already on the Valve platform and in the Epic Games Store. A few days ago, the publisher also announced the arrival of Uncharted 4 and the standalone Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on PC.

With the purchase of adaptation studio Nixxes Software, Sony is expected to continue bringing PlayStation games to PC in the near future. But they will not be available at the same time as in console.