To enjoy Valheim and its Hearth and Home update, you will need to start a new game, according to the developers

Since the first big update was announced Hearth and Home for Valheim, it caught the attention of fans who wanted to know more about the new life recovery and endurance system that it incorporates. However, go preparing Viking because you can enjoy it from September 16. To help you prepare with all its content, the study Iron Gate has created a kind of virtual chat around a campfire with creator and designer Richard Svensson, artist Robin Eyre, and community assistant and moderator Josefin Berntsson.

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More information about this update is revealed in the talk, but as for the best way to enjoy Hearth and Home, the developers have indicated that this will depend on the players, adding that: “I really hope that people, instead of following playing with their own worlds, create a new world and start all over, “says Svensson.” Because we add and change a lot of content, getting the best experience is probably the right thing to do. And what we would recommend.

Health and Stamina Rule the Combat

Hearth and Home will present new foods and recipes, something we already knew, in addition to a food system that offers players more options about what they eat due to the fact that the meals become more resistant. Since health and toughness rule combat, that in turn has made some changes to weapons and enemies. The development team has approached Hearth and Home as a rebalancing of Valheim to lay the groundwork for future updates.

On the other hand, they have also wanted to moderate the expectations for those who hope to find a vastly changed world when Hearth and Home arrives. Despite the changes, Valheim it won’t feel so different, “It will remain the same Valheim,” says Eyre. “I hope that if everything goes well, people don’t get too upset because they seem the same or think we didn’t do anything.”

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Since this update was announced almost a month ago, a lot of information has been leaked from the Internet, but it seems that it still there is a lot of content that the developers have not wanted to reveal, so there should still be some surprises. Also, starting over Valheim will be a difficult concept for some players, as the thought of leaving home behind and starting over is a bit sad. And, without going any further, remind you that Hearth and Home will arrive next Thursday 16 of September.