Splitgate already reaping successes: $ 100 million to bolster 1047 Games studio to keep the game alive

It took a little over two months for Splitgate to go from having a tiny dedicated community barely building it to becoming one of the most successful games in the industry. Naturally, 1047 Games It has been enjoying its deserved prominence these weeks; but now it’s time to seize the moment and look ahead.

On Twitter, the official account of the game collects a comment from President Ian Proulx stating (once again) that 1047 Games will remain a independent study focused on the community – in response to suspicions of a possible purchase by Microsoft, Sony or even Epic Games – and that in fact, giant steps have already been taken in that direction.

More specifically, we are talking about an injection of $ 100 million whose provenance is unclear and which will help the study to expand. The idea is “to become the next great triple A study“An ambitious dream, no doubt, but one that seems plausible at this point. Meanwhile, 1047 Games will turn to hiring workers.

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In the short term, that means Splitgate will be able to fix issues more quickly, host a larger community, and add new features through frequent updates. Little by little, the stars align; the question now is to check if it is possible keep interest and the excitement of the community for months and years to come.