Back 4 Blood has a new trailer dedicated to the campaign and the story, with voices in Spanish and everything

Warner Bros. Games has released a new trailer dedicated to the Bell and the story of Back 4 Blood, Turtle Rock’s new zombie game that, for the clueless, is basically a spiritual successor to the fireproof – and now in the hands of the community – Left 4 Dead.

In the game, the community has succumbed to the infection of a worm demonic whose origins are unknown for now. The only ones who stand up to the zombies that populate the Earth are the Exterminators, a small group of immune people armed to the teeth. With weapons, of course, but also the will to claim what belongs to them.

Make no mistake, despite what it may actually seem, B4B is by no means a game focused on narrative: it offers, above all, a cooperative action copy. Those who played the beta will know this well. In 3DJuegos we had the opportunity to participate in a previous session, so we shared our impressions of Back 4 Blood with our readers.

Back 4 Blood receives a lot of interest during the weekend: almost 100,000 simultaneous players with the beta

Back 4 Blood is scheduled to hit stores on October 12 on PC and consoles. It will bring with it the essence of L4D with its cooperative campaign, plus a PvP mode, an interesting proposal of cards to manage the game and progression and even an ambitious post-launch content program.