A new Brothers in Arms is in development, but Gearbox says it won’t say anything more until it’s advanced

If you are fans of war shooters and have been in video games for a few years now, you will surely remember the Brothers in Arms saga. The main games are a few years old and many players were asking for a new installment, something they will have. Gearbox Software explained that a new Brothers in Arms is in development, but do not expect news soon.

Randy Pitchford, the founder of Gearbox, participated in the podcast Game Maker’s Notebook of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences of the United States and announced (minute 53:05) that the study is working at Brothers in Arms. This show aired on podcast platforms in April, but has now appeared on YouTube and Exputer has taken up these statements. They had gone unnoticed.

We do not know anything about the return of the saga and we do not have an official announcement, something that will take time. “I didn’t announce Borderlands 3 until it was beta! And that’s a shame, because I know There are a lot of people [esperándolo]“said Pitchford. It seems that we will not have news of this project until the development is much more advanced by what the creative said.

And it is that the game seems to be in a very early stage of its creation. “We are working on another Brothers in Arms game but I won’t say shit until we get it. We have fans who really love the saga and they are just going to have to suffer. [la espera]”, the manager also explained. Gearbox already assured a long time ago that he wanted to return to this war saga and it will be a reality.