Guild Wars 2, one of the most important MMORPGs on PC, finally teaches fishing, one of the most desired mechanics

If you are lovers of MMO Surely you know Guild Wars 2, a fantasy video game much loved on PC and that has been behind it for many years. Next year the new great expansion of the video game will come out, End of Dragons, which promises to be a turning point in the title. This content will introduce the fishing and we have already seen it.

In a new direct, the Guild Wars 2 development team explained how the fishing will work in the game, one of the mechanics most requested by fans. Thus we have known that it is possible to fish in specific areas where a circle appears in the water, something similar to what happens in many other games where it cannot be done in any area.

We can hunt alone or in groups up to four players. The fish we obtain can be taken to the cooks, who will make new dishes with this loot. The first fishing rod can be obtained quite quickly and these objects will not break. Of course, there are improvements to this ability that will give us more experience or easier to find fishing spots.

If you want to see in detail the news of the system, we leave you this direct of half an hour of duration just above these lines. This new expansion was due to launch in 2021 but, a few weeks ago, ArenaNet delayed its launch until February 2022. The game is scheduled to hit Steam at some point in the future, although we don’t know the date.