Xbox Elite Series 2 has such an exclusive feature on Steam, that it is not in the console to which it owes its name: RGB lighting

If you are a fan of the RGB customizationYou will surely love to discover a trick about the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller regarding the color change of its LED. A customization that until now was not widely known. However, these RGB adjustment functions will only occur when you are connected to Steam.

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This discovery has been thanks to Pyrored14, a Reddit user who has shared this significant advantage and displays different colors of the menu button backlight. Also, another user calling himself KevLink wanted to share a video of the setup, showing a slider and adjustable for the controller LED color, indicating that this option was not available for the standard Xbox One controller.

Access the options and change your LED

As we explained previously, in order to vary the RGB of your Xbox Elite Series 2, you will have to be connected to Steam and access settings on your controller to make it start to change color. We explain it better below.

When you connect the controller to the PC, enter the Steam interface and switch to Big Picture mode (although this is not required). From there you access the gear where are all configurations and from the controller setting, make sure that the compatibility with the Xbox extended functions are activated, go into preferences and start changing the color of the LED to your liking.

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Xbox Elite Series 2 has positioned itself as the premium choice for Xbox users, offering a host of interchangeable components and more nuanced calibration options. It was released in 2019 and has improved over its predecessor through a higher quality of additional features. Also, keep in mind that the first version of the Xbox Elite controller doesn’t seem to offer this option Customization and the color will be reset after turning off the controller or going to settings.