Streamline your League of Legends experience with Blitz: Runes and Auto Items

With the huge number of champions in League of Legends, knowing which are the best runes and items is not easy, although Blitz takes care of greatly facilitating the setup process. Blitz is, in summary, a program that automatically configures the runes and objects with the best victory ratio of the champion that we are going to play.

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What does this translate to? In that, unless you want to play a VERY specific version of the character, you can trust that the program will already configure one for you. build competitiva with which to get a lot of potential out of the character.

How to install Blitz

The steps to follow are very simple, and you will not have to get very dizzy:

  1. Go to the program’s official page and select the option “download it for free for Windows”.
  2. Download and install it.
  3. The first time you run the application, you will have to enter a email to create your account.
  4. Launch League of Legends to make it Synchronize the accounts. If not, you can put it in by hand.
  5. If they ask you what game do you want to play, choose League of Legends, although if you are running it it should select the option automatically.

How Blitz works

Although the application allows you to see your game history (especially so that you can analyze what went well or badly), the really interesting thing happens when you enter the game.

Before you block the champion, you will be able to see what rating your teammates have, their percentage of games won and the most important thing: their main position and their possible defects / virtues (this is key when it comes to approaching the game in one way or another).

Imagen Blitz League Of Legends

This is what you will get when you lock your champion on the champion select screen

What you see above is what will appear to you when you block your champion. Basically, you can choose the most common build or the one with the highest win rate, in addition to the versions used by professional players. As if this were not enough, you can see the order of abilities or the objects that you should have as the game progresses.

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As if this were not enough, in the game it will mark you with a light signal which skill you should raise in each level, in addition to automatically configuring the store so that you always choose the optimal objects (and in order) for each moment of the game.

If you enjoy more games of Riot Games (like Valorant or TFT), Blitz will also give you a cable in that sense, telling you (for example) what are the most used strategies in the patch of the moment of Teamfight Tactics.