is the best-selling game of the week on Steam

We are on Sunday and another week is over, which means that we already have the data of the 10 best-selling video games from the last few days on Steam. On 3D PC Games We always bring you these interesting data and Tales of Arise is the most successful game on the platform of Valve in this last week, standing as the best seller, but it is also that it appears in two more positions.

The new JRPG of Bandai Namco It is having a fantastic reception both by the specialized press and by the players themselves, who have recognized the effort to renew this classic saga. The game has triumphed in its premiere on PC, showing that compatible users also want this type of Japanese video game. If you want to know more about the video game, you can recall our analysis.

What is striking is that the triumph of Tales of Arise is enormous, since it appears as first, second and sixth in the Top 10. This is so because this data, collected by SteamDB, records each edition available to be purchased as a different video game for sales purposes. The Pathfinder RPG: Wrath of the Righteous still on the podium, third this week, although it drops one place compared to the previous one.

Top 10 best-selling games of the week on Steam

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Naraka: Bladepoint He is also still in a great moment of form and, although he leaves the podium, he appears in fourth place. The battle royale is falling in love and convincing the players, who continue to bet on it every week. In fifth place appears No Man’s Sky, which, thanks to a discount and new Frontiers content, has attracted new users. These are the 10 best-selling Steam games of the September 6 to 12:

  1. Tales of Arise
  2. Tales of Arise (Bundle)
  3. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
  4. Naraka: Bladepoint
  5. No Man’s Sky
  6. Tales of Arise Ultimate Edition
  7. NBA 2K22
  8. Battlefield V
  9. Life is Strange: True Colors
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2

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NBA 2K22 and Life is Strange: True Colors They have also come out this week and have crept into the Top 10, albeit in a more restrained way than the new Tales of. Battlefield V continues its great sales moment and appears again in the Red Dead Redemption 2 list. It is striking that, after a long time, the Valve Index VR Kit is not in the Top 10.