shows its first details and a new trailer

Not only were Triple A titles announced this past week, but it’s also been time to discover other indie titles coming in the near future. We are talking about Asterigos, developed by the independent study Acme Game Studio, is presented as an action RPG set in Hellenistic Greek times and ancient Rome. At the moment, the title is scheduled to launch in the spring 2022 for PC, although it is not yet known on which digital platform it will be available.

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The title exploits its full graphic potential with Unreal Engine 4, thanks to which the player can immerse himself in a well rendered world, based, as already mentioned, on citizens and cities inspired by Ancient Rome and Greece of the great philosophers. The protagonist of this story is called Hilda, a brave warrior of the Legion of the North Wind who will enter an adventure full of loneliness as he searches for his father who has been lost for a while.

An exploration full of challenges and decisions

We have been able to know more details and characteristics on which the title is based, without a doubt it highlights the exploration of different cities and, of course, the challenges that the protagonist will have to face throughout the story. In addition to the challenges, prepare for the fighting because you will not be alone, and that is, you will fight against different monsters and creatures dangerous that roam the world seeking to release all their anger.

However, a quite remarkable characteristic is that the story can be told from different perspectives, having all the decisions are very important that you take, since this will determine the destination and the result of everything. And yes, you will have different weapons to choose from depending on the style of your combat: sword and shield, daggers or spear, among others.

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Asterigos will be released for PC in spring 2022, which is still waiting time, if you do not suffer any last minute delay. If you want more information, visit its official website. You should know that Acme Gamestudio is a studio that was founded in 2016, and it consists of enthusiasts who strive to create something “groundbreaking”. Hopefully your next game will be.