Destiny 2 celebrates the most successful Trials of Osiris in its history, breaking the activity record it had six years ago

With the Season of the lost Almost just released, Destiny 2 is in one of its most powerful moments: traveling to an ascending realm and seeing how the relationship between Cuervo and the authorities of the Reef develops sounds great, but the truth is that right now, the true protagonism is it carry the Trials of Osiris (better known for its nomenclature in English, Trials of Osiris).

For those less familiar with the matter, the “tests” are actually a evento PvP that is organized every weekend – saving very specific incidents – since the expansion House of Wolves in the first game. The point is that the competitive facet of the Destiny saga has always divided the community quite a bit, to the point of originating debates on whether or not it should continue to exist.

A good part of these criticisms stemmed from sorry state in which the Trials on PC were found: despite back in March 2020 Bungie trusted that this mode was duly polished, the truth is that the enormous difficulty involved in obtaining unique rewards, coupled with nature peer-to-peer multiplayer of D2 and the sheer number of cheaters and recoveries That plagued the matchmaking queue caused many to throw in the towel.

That was until Friday, September 10, when the parents of Halo introduced a updated version Trials that allows players to participate without a preconfigured squad, get rewards even when there are lost games in between, pursue specific weapons in search of the best combination of advantages, introducing BattlEye … and all this, while preserving the challenge of reaching the Faro (that is, winning seven games in a row against increasingly capable opponents).

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The result? From Trials Report they report that has become the weekend most successful in history of the Trials of Osiris, surpassing that of its very premiere in 2015: more than 3.89 million games have been organized from last Friday to this Monday. There are fewer players participating than in the previous record (700,000 compared to just over a million) but the average number of games per participant has increased from 3.53 to 5.57.

Perhaps most important, the sensations that players share on Twitter are considerably better than the ones we are used to reading. Destiny 2 is going through one of its healthiest moments as we delve into what we might consider the prologue to The Witch Queen, set for February 2022.