Tales of Arise beats its predecessors in its premiere on Steam: the great JRPG is a success in sales and activity

On Bandai Namco they are reaping the fruits of a job well done right now. Their latest major production, Tales of Arise, is convincing the press and users alike: it’s a really good way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the JRPG saga. Most important to the company, those criticisms translate into numbers.

We cannot know how Tales of Arise is performing on consoles at the moment – we assume that it is well, because it is its main audience – but after a quick consultation in Steam DB we verify that the game has reached the not inconsiderable figure of 45,680 simultaneous players just a couple of hours before writing these lines: now, we are talking about almost 40,000.

Despite the fact that this game of more than 50 hours has just been released, it already has 1,199 user reviews on the Valve platform, with a positive opinion balance of 91%. Which is especially surprising when you consider that there are the odd technical problem in the air like the strange process of activation of controls.

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Tales of Arise brings Bandai Namco’s veteran RPG saga a liberation story promising, but far from settling with being just another chapter, it also represents a turning point at a playable and technical level: everything from the presentation of the world to the combat system, through facial animations, has been renewed.