Far Cry 6 is officially over: Ubisoft declares its new open-world action game Gold

Far Cry 6 is one of the most powerful games that the final stretch of 2021 has in store for us, and if you are interested in getting it you will be glad to know that it is already officially Gold. In the world of video game development, that means that development goals have already been met and production is considered finished.

What it does not mean, yes, is that Ubisoft has permission to sit idly by from now on: living in these times, you can take it for granted that there will still be pending bugs to solve and additional content to create. But for now, let’s think about him launching of the base game.

Far Cry 6 will be available next October 7 on PC, Stadia and consoles. On this occasion, the French publisher takes us to the Caribbean island of Yara, a tropical paradise inspired by Cuba where the main villain, Anton Castillo, rules his subjects with an iron fist. In the skin of the guerrilla Dani Rojas, our job is to stand up to him with any resource at our disposal.

Far Cry 6 spells out its requirements on PC: you won't need a big computer to move it around, but if you want ray tracing and 4K, be prepared

In 3DJuegos, our colleague Álvaro Castellano had the opportunity to share his impressions of Far Cry 6 and even a commented gameplay that you can see attached to the news. A game full of explosive action and exploration by land, sea and air awaits us.