The New World open beta launches in style: Amazon’s MMO has not been launched yet and is already top 10 on Steam

This weekend, the New World MMO of Amazon Games welcomes all Steam players through the open beta that has just started. It is the first time that you do not need to make a reservation or sign up for a special program to participate.

And it seems that you wanted to try it, because the activity of the game has skyrocketed. In a big way, too. Considering the New World file on Steam DB, the beta premiere has been settled at a peak of 141,668 simultaneous players on its launch day.

That’s enough to place the game in the top 10 on Steam, above Destiny 2 or Naraka: Bladepoint. But interestingly, the closed beta of the game reached a top peak at the time with about 200,000 simultaneous players. Not bad for such a limited phase of a new IP, right?

No, New World is not an RTX 3090 killer;  The mystery has been solved and the person in charge has fixed the mess

New World will be available on September 28, after a good history of delays. It marks Amazon Games’ strongest step in the gaming arena so far: the Aeternum world He has already earned the trust of a good community on Twitch and Discord.