The latest hit game on Kickstarter has RPG, anime aesthetics, waifus, and plans to add nastiness to spare

There is a new game causing a sensation on Kickstarter. Is named Iragon, it has action and role elements, it has compatibility with devices of virtual reality (although you can play without a viewer, too) it has anime aesthetics and has a strong component of eroticism. Its makers define it as “an RPG about knights, magic, romance and bisexual sorceresses.”

If that’s not quite a statement of intentions, I don’t know what will be. The game has a story and combat mechanics, but it inevitably leads to romances, fondling, and sex with our traveling companion and five other girls. You can differentiate one from another by the type of underwear they wear, mainly.

Repulse, the 17-person team that develops Iragon, seeks the patronage from fans to fund more sex minigames and character interactions as well as other things relegated to the background, like boss fights. The fact is that, as we say, the game has received a great help since its inception.

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They needed $ 10,000 to carry out the project, but at the time of writing these lines it has more than 95,000 and the crowdfunding campaign still has 16 free days to continue adding development goals. The curious can try a demo linked in the tab before depositing contributions: the minimum to get a copy of the game is 25 dollars (about 22 euros).

Iragon will be ready by June 2022, if there are no delays.