Surviving Mars, the management and strategy game that takes us to Mars, is free on Steam for just a few hours: keep it forever

If you are fans of the games of strategy and management, and you also like the theme spaceYou cannot miss this opportunity, but you have to be very fast. Surviving Mars it’s free on steam For a very limited time, so much so that this promotion will end only in a few hours. Run and claim it because you you will stay forever if you arrive on time.

Surviving Mars has received its new DLC Below & Beyond, an expansion that also lets us explore the underground areas of Mars and expands the possibilities of our human colony on the red planet. To celebrate the launch of this new content, which you can learn more about in a new trailer, Paradox Interactive has decided to give the game away for a few hours.

The game is free on Steam today, September 8, until 7:00 p.m.. You have a little more than 10 hours since we are publishing the article to claim it, so be quick. Here is a link to the game page. You just have to enter, with your session started, and give “Add to account”. Surviving Mars will be yours forever.

This Martian survival game has reviews “Very positive” on Steam and, although it received criticism from the most hardcore players of the genre, it is a very good option to be entertained for hours. Surviving Mars, as you can see, continues to be updated and also has several expansions to further expand the experience if you like.