one of the most loved horror adventure games of all time is coming back very soon

Amid contrary rumors, director Sam Lake has confirmed the existence of an Alan Wake Remastered to the delight of many fans of the works of Remedy Entertainment: the original was one of the most prominent games in the Xbox 360 catalog, and it laid the foundations for other franchises that came later from the same developer (Control, Quantum Break).

“This is for you,” Lake says in a statement. “Alan Wake was released eleven years ago, and during that time, you’ve told us over and over again how much you love the game, its story, its characters, and its background. That matters a lot to us. We love this game too. i love this game“continues the creative.” The remastering comes by the support that you have professed to Alan Wake during these years “.

The truth is that we still do not have in-game images, nor gameplay, nor too many details about what this version will offer at a technical level. We know it’s coming to eighth- and ninth-gen PCs and consoles, and the studio’s ambitions go beyond a simple resolution rush. Sam Lake describes it this way.

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“Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience that you fell in love with all those years ago. We didn’t want to change that,” he explains. “But the whole graphics, including Alan Wake’s own character modeling and cinematics, have been updated and improved with some new generation features. “

Alan Wake Remastered – which covers the contents of the original game as well as its DLC – is expected to be available through Epic Games Store in the autumn of this 2021, we assume that through a temporary exclusivity agreement.