Valheim will adjust some of his weapons and present a new video: you will no longer be able to shoot the bow so fast, but be careful with the ax

The game of open world and survival Valheim is one of the biggest titles of 2021 and its next big update, Hearth & Home, will change many of the game’s systems to make it more balanced and fun. Iron Gate, the studio in charge of the video game, has been commenting on the news that will come to the title and now it is the turn for the adjustment of some weapons: watch out for changes to bow and ax.

In a new video, the study has explained the changes that it is going to introduce in the ax that we take with two hands and in the bow. In the case of the first, it was clear that it needed changes. Now the ax cut through more enemies and make them wobble more. The speed with which it moves has also been improved, although it is still a slower and heavier weapon than the rest.

On the other hand, the bow will also undergo modifications, although in this case it is to try that the weapon is not so broken. With a lot of level, the arches are too good a choice and Iron Gate has wanted to balance it. Now we will not be able to load our arrow to max so fast (still seems fast) even though we have the max skill level and the trajectory of the arrows has also been adjusted. Keeping the bow drawn will use less stamina.

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This update will bring adjustments to the food system and we will be able to make more recipes, since the enemies will drop new elements to cook. There will also be changes in how food affects to our life and stamina, so that we can better select if we want to improve to build our base or attack a group of enemies.