If you want to have in Final Fantasy XIV the Regalia of Noctis from FF XV, watch out: we will tell you how to get this coveted mount

Lately, MMOs in general are going through a great time, especially games like Final Fantasy XIV. The video game of Square Enix it does not stop growing in players and the Japanese study is suffering to be able to maintain the increase in users, but it continues to work on it. Now we have known information from a new event with Final Fantasy XV.

Square Enix will host the “A Nocturne for Heroes” event as part of the collaboration of FF XIV with FF XV. In this way, we will have a new opportunity to get some exclusive objects, among which is the montura del regalia of the night, the car of the protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. It is a coveted mount and now there is another option to get it.

Date and time of the FF XV event in Final Fantasy XIV

From the September 13th at 10:00 a.m. and until October 18 At 16:59, the FF XV event will be active again in FF XIV. Between those dates, a new mission will appear in Ul’dah, but to gain access you must meet two requirements: complete the main mission “The Ultimate Weapon” and have a character to level 50.

The prizes you can get are varied and interesting, and include the Noctis hairstyle and outfitas well as his regalia car. This mount is great and also flies. If you already completed the event when it first took place, don’t worry, because you will have the option to repeat it again. In the mission we face enemies from FF XV.

Final Fantasy XIV server collapse in Europe will still last for weeks, but Square Enix is ​​working to scale it up

The success of Final Fantasy XIV is beyond doubt and the game continues to improve non-stop, listening to its players as well. Still, users are looking forward to the next big expansion, Endwalker, which will even take us to the moon. There is less left, because this update will be released on consoles and PC on November 23.