If you’re wondering how long achievement names can be on Steam, Cookie Clicker has the answer: very, very long.

Imagine that you are a video game developer and you are programming the achievements that your new work is going to have. You open the text box on duty, and type something like “not so fast!” or any other joke you can think of. Happy with your work, you go to the next box and repeat the process. But Cookie Clicker’s parents looked at the text box and chose chaos.

PC Gamer colleagues have noticed that there is a Cookie Clicker achievement (out of 500 available) with a absurdly long name: 611 characters, by our metric. And what kind of title could cover so much text? Well, one who makes fun of himself, of course.

“There is no fixed limit to the names of these achievements and to be honest, I’m curious to see how far we can go” reads the header of achievement. What follows is a biographical description from Adolphus W. Green, co-founder and president of the American National Cookie Company. The name of the achievement ends with “whatever, how was your day?”

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Definitely, if all that text appeared in a single Steam notification, it would cause a little more of a stir. But as it is, it is nothing more than a experiment Very nice that will give some headaches to the completists who look for guides of achievements in Google. Meanwhile, its leaders enjoy an unprecedented reception.