The alarms sound in Paradox: the parents of Stellaris and Victoria 3 denounce abuses and labor inequalities

In recent years, the video game industry has become more vocal about an unpleasant reality: Labor conditions of many workers are far from optimal. From the crunch phenomenon that plagued Rockstar and CD Projekt, to gender inequalities at Ubisoft or Blizzard. Is now Paradox Interactive who should answer.

144 company employees underwent a study in August signed by two Swedish unions, Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer: 44% of them claim to have experienced inappropriate treatment within the workplace, according to Breakit (via Games Industry).

A proportionally majority part of the interviewees (69% of women) claims to have received inappropriate treatment: “offensive treatment is a systematic problem and too frequent in Paradox “the conclusions are drawn. Although it does not delve into specific cases, it does speak of a” culture of silence “where those affected are often ignored.

The CEO of Paradox Interactive, creators of Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis, leaves the company due to differences in strategic vision

According to this source, in Paradox they are already reacting to the problem: through an internal email, they assure that they are in the process of bringing in an external and neutral company to review the processes and prepare comprehensive studies of the workers’ situation. Currently, Paradox works on games like Victoria 3 from offices close to DICE.