Halo Infinite answers the controversy of the battle pass: the problem is still there, but it is less serious than we thought

Halo Infinite has fans divided. On the one hand, the campaign mode looks really good, but it will come without cooperative multiplayer or Forge; on the other, the multiplayer free-to-play has finally proven to come up with a fun and modern formula and even has a spectacular battle pass model, but that made us scowl when we discovered that you could only level up by completing challenges.

Although it is a model practically identical to that of Halo: The Master Chief Collection – which has been active for eight seasons – the idea of ​​having to kill with specific weapons or in the middle of a jump to be able to unlock rewards dozens of times each season sounded pretty bad. 343 Industries has acknowledged the problem on his blog.

Talking about impressions shared by fans during the game’s first short technical test, the Redmond team warns that while the concern is legitimate, in reality the circumstances in which players have evaluated the progression system are not entirely representative of reality. : the final version will not have post-game experience, but yes with simple challenges like “complete X games”.

Halo Infinite announces its (somewhat confusing) PC system requirements while opening reservations

The full post also covers matters such as the size and presentation of the medals that are awarded during multiplayer games, numerous balance adjustments and general enhancements such as Spartan radar readings or the ability to preview AI companion voices before selecting them.

As a reminder, both the Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer will be available on December 8.