This RPG looks like a demake Skyrim with horror overtones: the dark open world of Dread Delusion in video

It is possible that at first glance it does not seem very attractive, even so, you should stop to know Dread DelusionAs its ghoulish style and some gruesome enemy designs make it quite quirky. This indie game is an RPG in development that carries a set of otherworldly occult styles, plus a set of PSX graphics from early 2000s.

Recovering NoSkyrim, the mod that prevents you from opening the game, is the new goal the community is fighting for

Likewise, it is impossible not to draw some references from other games such as un Dark Soulsthough its open world is smaller with a central quest in exploration and side quests to complete. Developers Lovely Hellplace they promise that fighting will never be the only option, saying that “with a varied skill system, there is always an alternative to combat. Enchant people, open locks, or use your hidden knowledge.”

It is possible that, if Skyrim tuviese un demake tinged with terror, Dread Delusion was the result. Here you can also create your own path, become sharp mind or a witty charmer which can be very useful with a sword. Plus, your decisions will shape how the story unfolds.

“The world is broken. Its surface boils with an undead curse, while humanity clings to the flying continents in the sky. From mushroom forests even mausoleums of the undeadStrange places and people await you. But will you find a way to heal this world or will you seek power and profit for yourself? “, Can be read in his description of Steam.

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At the moment, it does not offer more details, except for its Steam file and a “Coming Soon” that appears in the place of the launch date, although in the meantime you can add it to your wish list. Its style makes it unique, but its system of skills and combat, it is possible that they are also a remarkable option, we will have to wait to prove it.