DOOM becomes a strategy game in Age of Empires 2, a mod has been responsible

Have you ever wondered what the classic first person shooter would look like as a strategy game? Yes, we are talking about Doom And probably not, you haven’t asked yourself that question. However, you no longer need to imagine it because the modder “HELLKNIGHT61” has developed a mod called “Age of Doom” with which he has used the Age of Empires 2 engine to turn Doom into a third person, isometric RTS with shooting and strategy, a rather strange mix.

“As a set designer for the Age of Empires 2 community, I always wanted to do a Doom campaign for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. That was my dream and I managed to achieve it “, says the user in the description of the mod.

Age of Doom for Age of Empires 2 provides ideas, themes and fragments of the history of Doom and Doom 3, with different sound effects and enemy sprites. In this case, Doomguy camina and he uses a super shotgun, but there are also cyber demons and he can use different abilities. In addition, it has its own tutorial and a specialized campaign of four chapters, with a fifth yet to be released, featuring a completely original story.

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The mod “Age of Doom” is available for download on the moddb website and the creator himself ensures that he has easy installation no need to get any related game to be able to install it, since this mod has support of “Compatibility patch”.