Netflix series will experience an exciting showdown

Riot Games has presented for its 10th anniversary a new trailer for Arcane, the next League of Legends series that will premiere on Netflix this fall. This happened in the preview of the last match of the China Regional Tournament, where fans were able to discover a little more of the narrative thread on which the series will be based.

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We know that the series will be about the relationships of the two characters Jinx and Vi. Obviously, the series will also have as a backdrop the confrontation between the city of splendors of Piltover against the slums of Zaun. in the world of Runeterra. A confrontation that looks like a class struggle.

A civil war within Arcane

This new Arcane trailer has largely focused on the sociocultural aspects that divide Piltover y Zaun, two cities that were once united and are now more separated than ever. Anyone who knows anything about the lore of League of Legends knows that these cities are two opposite poles.

Piltover It is the city of progress, dominated by technology, offers a very comfortable lifestyle to its citizens, which reflects the well-being of those who enjoy this town and summarize the culture all over her pores. While, Zaun it is an infamous city, full of criminals and so polluted that it lives in an eternal night. Their settlements live under the yoke of the Chemical Barons, powerful lords who are tasked with containing the residents of Piltover.

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The trailer narrator It also tells that the people of Zaun are constantly looking for a better life, while those of Piltover cannot imagine anything better. We hope that these two fascinating worlds will be explored. in great detail in Arcane. Its launch is scheduled for this fall, after having been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.