3 hours ago the most titanic MMO I’ve seen in years was released, and few people are talking about it

Within the MMO it seems that everything is said. We have great exponents in the genre, but that is not why the industry is going to remain calm, without innovating or what is commonly said “to see them come”. Chrono Odyssey is like a bit of everything, a lot of action RPG; a lot of MMOs; many particles and an insane engine like Unreal Engine 5, but I already anticipate that its first gameplay is titanic.

Npixel’s MMO was already announced 3 years ago, but the South Korean studio’s project was nothing more than a blank sketch. An idea that perhaps we were never going to see. Now, that sketch has taken shape as one of the most popular MMORPGs. brutal that you can face in the future.

In part, this spectacularity is given by Unreal Engine 5, which accompanies the oriental game with spectacular care, although it has nothing to envy when it comes to playability. We are talking about an MMO much more than an Action-RPG with a lot of hack and slasha mixture that although it is not strange in the genre, perhaps it is due to the day, or the lunar phase, but it has dazzled me.

Npixel will take us to the Setera region, a setting constantly besieged by the Void that has brought the collision with other worlds and realities. We will have, how could it be otherwise, several playable classes, each with its set of skills, and a mechanics of control of space-time extremely striking.

Only images remain of this MMO: it disappeared from one day to the next without prior notice because a developer accidentally deleted it

If they didn’t tell me it’s an MMO, I would have passed perfectly for a perfect Action RPG with the malice in the enemies of a souls from FromSoftware. Be that as it may, its medieval fantasy aesthetic, UE5 and what we have been able to see of its gameplay, makes it clear that we are facing a project to take into account.

Of course, the million dollar question: when will it arrive? Good question, and it is that the gameplay today has been accompanied by confirmation that this Npixel development will not be exclusive to PC, it will also be released on PS5 and Xbox Series, but its release is a mystery.

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