Streamlabs launches “Safe Mode” for Twitch streamers to combat harassment and hate raids

Twitch has a problem with the increased bullying on the platform to some content creators and the measures by the company are being requested. Now, Streamlabs, the streaming software that many users use, has released the “Safe Mode” so streamers can fight hate raids.

In a statement, Streamlabs has announced the implementation of “Safe Mode”, which helps content creators to fight harassment in a fast and effective. By activating this new mode, you can clear all recent chat events, clear queued follower or raid alerts, and disable follower alerts. In addition, moderators will be able have access in this way, according to has confirmed.

Twitch wants to stop harassment of streamers: recognizes that it must do more and announces changes

Also, if users of this program use the tool CloudBot, Safe Mode will still have more features. You can put the chat in emotes-only mode, only for followers or in secondary mode, deactivate chat alerts for followers and delete the chat history. Streamlabs has added a feature in the program for streamers to give feedback and keep improving the tool.

Some people have commented that this is not new, as Twitch has many of these implemented tools, but the reality is that if you use the program, having this option on hand is much easier. Safe Mode is available to any user of the software and it is very easy to activate it from Streamlabs itself.

The #ADayOffTwitch strike had an impact

Twitch Loses 1 Million Viewers at Rush Hour with #ADayOffTwitch Strike;  the platform supports the protest

This week the strike took place #ADayOffTwitch to protest against this increase in harassment on Twitch, which leads many creators to suffer racist attacks, insults for their sexual condition or identity, among others. The platform commented that support its creators in the claim and insisted that it works to remedy the problems.