If you like Stardew Valley, watch out: the creator ensures that he can announce his new game very soon

It is clear that one of the most important video games in the history of the independent scene is Stardew Valley. The title of Eric Barone It’s one of the best farm games ever created and the legion of fans they have around the world is enormous. If the work of ConcernedApe, as Barone is also known, you like, pay attention, because we could meet your new game soon.

As we told them in 3D PC Games, a couple of days ago the Stardew Valley Cup was held, a curious event with more than $ 40,000 in prizes. In this tournament, which you can watch again on Twitch, the creator of the game was present. When it was over, Eric Barone answered some questions from the fans and that left us interesting responses, as has been collected by PCGamesN.

It was in 2018 that Barone announced that he was working on a new game, although the details they have been null and Stardew Valley has continued to improve as well, but it looks like we’ll have news shortly. “I may announce it quite soon”, has commented ConcernedApe, which has said that it will be another game with pixel-art style and a top view in the style of the famous farm game.

But what can we expect from this game? Barone has explained that it may playably be reminiscent of Stardew Valley in some respects, but it is not a farm game: “it’s something different”. As you can see, the mystery remains, but we also know that the video game has nothing to do with a magical game in the Harry Potter style, with its school of wizardry and everything expected of such a title.

This last nuance has been done because it was related to Witchbrook, a new title of Chucklefish, editor of Stardew Valley. “I have nothing to do with that game,” said Barone. For now, the creative has ensured that he’s focused on his new video game and that he also doesn’t know when a new Stardew Valley update will come out, but it won’t be anytime soon.