Neither Masterchef nor Karlos Arguiñano, Cookie Clicker is the master of the kitchen: the game breaks user records on Steam and does not stop growing

You have probably seen how many players have become fond of making cookies in the last few days. Well, at least virtually. The Cookie Clicker game is being a absolute success on Steam and it does not stop growing. The title has once again broken his record for players, already exceeding 50,000 simultaneous users. Baking is all the rage on PC.

It is always curious to see that a game lives a second life and it is still interesting to wonder why. We saw it with Among Us, a game that passed without pain or glory in 2018, and that in 2020 came back to life, breaking sales records and being one of the most popular. Cookie Clicker does not seem like it will reach the levels of Among Us, but your case is also a study.

We already told you a few days ago that the launch of Cookie Clicker on Steam was raising passions, but things have gotten out of hand. East idle game (idle games) cookie cooking came out for free in 2013 and has now arrived on the Valve platform in its paid version. The videogame is catching the players.

As we see in SteamDB, a few hours ago Cookie Clicker has broken its record of simultaneous players, with 55,201 users. At the time I am writing this article, the game has 45,315 players and is ahead of games like Warframe or Civilization VI, but has come to surpass Rainbow Six Siege or Battlefield V. It remains in the Top 15 of the most played video games on Steam, a trend of the game in recent days.

7 tips to get started in Cookie Clicker

It’s hard to know if players are experiencing a strong nostalgic moment or new players are discovering it, but the reality is that the game is succeeding. Also, on Steam the reviews are “Extremely positive” and you can see the enjoyment of the players in the different evaluations. In the writing of 3DGames There are also several people who have fallen into the networks of the game.