Recovering NoSkyrim, the mod that prevents you from opening the game, is the new goal the community is fighting for

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has provided hundreds and hundreds of stories over the years. His legend has grown even bigger thanks to mods, but not all have been very helpful. Who can waste time installing one that just makes the game unplayable? Few are likely, but that does not mean that this mod does not currently exist. We are talking about NoSkyrim, a mod that allowed make Skyrim unplayable and yes, I speak in the past tense because it is no longer available on NexusMods for that reason.

The person in charge of the mods of Skyrim, begins to eliminate its content in Nexus Mods by a change of policies

Developed by ThatLittleCommie, the NoSkyrim mod does not add anything new, it is only to install it so that playing Skyrim is no longer a possibility, since what it causes is that it crashes. The official description of the mod literally reads the following: “Now with NoSkyrim, instead of being able to start a new game like most Skyrim players, you just can’t do it“.

Unfortunately, NoSkyrim didn’t last long on NexusMods. No explanations have been given for the removal, but it is likely due to the fact that cause the game to crash and that the site administrators did not like very much. Anyway, those who still want to mess around and try this mod can still download it via Loverslab, where it has already been downloaded more than 80 times.

The fight for not wanting to play Skyrim

Since NoSkyrim was removed from NexusMods, some fans are rallying behind this mod, campaigning for it to be reinstated on the website. In fact, they have even created a petition, where currently there are more than 600 signatures.

“Finally with this mod, I was able to break my crippling addiction to Skyrim. Banning its spread is a symptom of capitalist hell that we all have to put up with, “reads one of the remaining supportive comments in the petition to bring the mod back.” This mod made me realize what I was getting losing in life“continues another.

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While waiting for NexusMods to respond, if you really want to play Skyrim, which seems like a good option to me, you can take a look at the mod which makes for a remake and it looks unbelievably good. On the other hand, Bethesda also recently announced the launch of its Anniversary Edition, in addition to presenting an update for new generation consoles.