Prologue is the new thing from the creator of PUBG: an ambitious new open world, but do not expect an FPS

Earlier this week, we heard the news that PUBG creator Brendan Greene was officially announcing his departure from Krafton to dedicate himself to create your own independent studio. Greene had not revealed much information, except that he would be dedicated to “exploring the possibilities of interaction and connection within open world games.”

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Now, however, Greene has wanted to release some more details and delve into his new project Prologue. Through his new study, which is called PlayerUnknown Productions, wanted to publish a video on Twitter where he explains that Prologue will see players stumble into a “desert full of challenges, where it will be a new experience every time the play button is pressed”.

A new technology for open worlds

Greene has always had a deep fascination for games of sandbox style open world, “Realistic, open worlds take time and effort to produce. And that was the first problem we decided to tackle,” he says in the video. Its objective is to create a technology that begins to be reproduced in other video games and becomes the inspiration for many other developers, “we are developing a technology that allows reproduce a massive scale within open world games. Soon we will be ready to show something else. “

In Prologue, players will find their way through a time-generated wilderness, using tools and collect resources to survive on a trip where severe weather is a constant problem. Because Prologue is just a technology demonstration, Greene said the company will use the “pay what you want”So if you like and enjoy the experience, you can pay to support the team.

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Prologue was first seen in the The Game Awards en 2019, although the details were also scarce. However, Greene said on another occasion that this will not be a PUBG 2, so don’t expect an FPS. Now without more, it will be necessary to be pending to know more details.