a great return to WWII

After a recent free weekend, Battlefield V has remained in the top ten most popular titles on Steam. This first person shooter game, developed by DICE and launched in 2018, it was not very well received at its launch, but now it seems that it is getting another chance. Although yeah, I know, it’s no surprise that people like free stuff.

Battlefield 2042 brings back a veteran character from BF4 with its new short film, Exodus, which explains the history of the game

According to SteamDB, as of this writing, it shows that the Steam version of Battlefield V has reached a peak of 73,317 concurrent players. While on the weekend managed to reach 76,456, this constant popularity can be attributed to a 90% discount on Steam, which runs until September 8, but its improvement in the overall quality of the game may also be a factor.

Many fans have taken the opportunity to return to the stage of the Second World War of Battlefield V, although they are also waiting to get their hands on the next installment of the saga. The field of Battlefield 2042 will take players into an environment riddled with gadgets like drones and flying suits. Those players who are excited to try out the next Battlefield experience should be stay tuned for the open beta, which is possible will be available very soon.

Battlefield 2042 cheats are already popular, even before the game officially comes out

With free availability and a huge discount to attract new players, Battlefield V is experimenting a kind of new rebirth. Of course, these figures do not count that the game is currently free through Prime Gaming, which is a service that provides Origin codes, so those players are not reflected in the final Steam player count.