No, New World is not an RTX 3090 killer; The mystery has been solved and the person in charge has fixed the mess

Say that to Amazon is having a hard time entering the world of video game development is an understatement: Crucible was released, returned to beta, and then canceled; The Lord of the Rings MMO was canceled as well, and New World — the company’s strongest project to date — began its adventures by destroying some RTX 3090s.

Not the best way to gain the trust from fans in the closed beta, frankly. The matter transcended on social networks and, despite the fact that the developers insisted that playing New World It is safe, the feeling of mistrust is inevitable. Fortunately, we now know that they were right.

According to a recent report by PC World, EVGA has acknowledged that the problem stemmed from a small run of graphics cards that were not Assembled correctly. We speak of “less than 1% of the total” in reality: the manufacturer received 24 cards that presented the problem and sent new ones to their respective owners.

New World delays its release on PC for a few weeks;  had over a million players in the closed beta

The reason the New World beta triggered this problem is that, unlike many other games, the main menu had the frame rate unlocked. In other words, the game could go from 30 to several hundred FPS in a very small window of time, crashing the graphics card. Hopefully the final version will have this problem fixed.

New World has suffered a delay that takes its launch to the end of September, but you will be able to play the open beta from the 9th. Just worry that your graphics card is not from the first edition.