Upcoming Survivor Pass, a new casual mode and more

With the new update 13.2, PUBG: Battlegrounds welcomes different news including the new season Survivor Pass which is called Crazy Night. This will be available from September 8 to November 3, which will lead to eight weeks, instead of six as previously, of pitched battles, level-ups and new content.

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This update also includes a new ‘casual mode’ that allows players to practice and have fun in a less intense environment than standard Battle Royale matches. You can play up to three matches per day alone, duo or as a team and you will enter Erangel with a maximum of twelve players per game and with bots filling the remaining space.

An update loaded with news

Based on the patch notes, this adds the fan favorite weapon, la P90 SMG. While generally this weapon is short to medium range, the package includes the P90 with new features that make it viable at long range as well. Likewise, it is included as a new weapon the ‘Granada Blue Zone’ It has a maximum radius of 10 meters and is considered useful for luring enemies out of buildings.

On the other hand, the Taego map, set in South Korea, also receives some news, such as the new climate options with sunset and overcast weather patterns, a unique way to see the map. You can also have a new vehicle: the truck pickup Hyundai Porter, It replaces the old UAZ and has the capacity for four passengers. Also, add the new ‘Trunk System’ function, where it allows players to use the trunk of this new vehicle to store a limited number of objects.


This new update will be available from September 8th, although currently it can be tested through the PC test server. The idea of ​​PUBG becoming a Free Battle Royale It is still on the minds of many, so we have to wait for something like this to happen, in the meantime, I will cheer up with the new casual mode.