This week, Epic Games only offers one game; but don’t go down because Yoku’s Island Express is better than it sounds

A dung beetle, an island full of animals and a pinball mechanic. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? Well, this is what Yoku’s Island Express is all about, the only free game that appears in the weekly promotional rotation of Epic Games Store, but don’t let that get to you little by little.

The game of Gorilla Villa originally went on sale in 2018, and to the surprise of many its bizarre combination of adventures, two-dimensional platforming, and pinball it was perfectly executed. This is how we mentioned it in the analysis of Yoku’s Island Express for 3DJuegos, although on Steam, history repeats itself.

Over 1700 user reviews, 97% are positive opinions. If you want to add it to your account, you just have to go to the official store and redeem it before September 9 at 17:00 (Peninsular Spain time). We also know next week’s game: Sheltered.

Steam Deck parents are already thinking about future models: will we have a revision in 4K before the expected Switch Pro?

  • On Yoku’s Island Express, as we said, we play one of the nice creatures from Mokumana Island. Although our job title is that of a courier, we actually ended up embarking on a mission to protect our home from catastrophe.
  • Sheltered repeat for Team 17 next week. It’s a survival and management game that puts us in charge of a shelter, with the goal of keeping its inhabitants alive and thriving. You can get it at no additional cost from September 9.