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It’s a looter-shooter, there is a huge alien-looking sphere over a city and a bunch of heroes in exotic armor fighting with powers in PvE missions. What game do you think we’re talking about? Destiny? Well no, it’s Project Magnum; and if it doesn’t sound like you — don’t worry, it’s normal — you should have it on your watch list.

NAT Games, the Korean subsidiary of Nexon, announced this production for PC a few weeks ago; But keeping track of the Asian video game industry can sometimes be tricky. It is now, with the recently confirmed version of PlayStation, that we have evidence of its arrival in the West.

What is Project Magnum?

Be that as it may, and although it costs a bit to break down the story at the moment, the truth is that the game has already achieved grab the attention of the fans, and no wonder. Offers spectacular battles that combine weapons with powers and even a hook that is also used during exploration sections.

No, Destiny 2 will not remove Nova Warp or any other super abilities when The Witch Queen arrives.

Keep in mind, yes, that the trailer interchangeably combines parts of cinematic and playable segments. You will identify the latter without problem by the static camera in third person and the preset animations for climbing the stage with the grappling hook.

In the absence of more details, you should note that Project Magnum is (of course) a provisional name and that has no release date set yet. Meanwhile, we have other great Asian titles on the radar like a Lost Ark that is finally approaching the West.