The CEO of Paradox Interactive, creators of Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis, leaves the company due to differences in strategic vision

If you like strategy and management games, surely you are familiar with Paradox Interactive, publisher and video game developer. They are the creators of hits like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis or Hearts of Iron. Now, the company has announced that its CEO leaves the position for having a different vision of management.

“Due to different views on the company’s strategy going forward, the CEO of Paradox Interactive AB, Ebba Ljungerud, has decided leave the post effective immediately, “Paradox has communicated in a message shared on its official website. Ljungerud will continue for a while so that the transfer of powers to the new CEO is good.

“The Board of Paradox Interactive has appointed Fredrik Wester as CEO with immediate effect,” the company explained. Paradox has wanted thank the worker for her involvement in the company: “Ebba has made a fantastic job as CEO from Paradox Interactive. During his leadership, the organization, the player base and our gaming projects have grown stronger and bigger, giving the company a solid foundation for future growth. “

Paradox has suffered a restructuring in recent times and also opened a new studio in Barcelona. One of the great news of the study in terms of games is that the Victoria saga will return with the third installment. In fact, in 3DGames We had the opportunity to speak with the developers to tell them everything there is to know about Victoria 3.