No Man’s Sky: Frontiers turns the space RPG into a Star Wars city: the new update now available

Updates keep coming to No Man’s Sky and in this case, the developer Hello Games wanted to offer players another free update with Frontiers, which introduces planetary settlements, something fans have been yearning for for quite some time. These settlements have been compared to the space city of Mos Eisley de Star Wars, where intergalactic travelers can meet and grow their community.

These No Man’s Sky settlements, available with patch 3.6They are small cities with NPC inhabitants with their own tasks and problems, as Hello Games has well explained. Also, you can not only help them, but you can also choose to become the ‘overseer’ of a settlement and build it from a small collection of buildings in a larger city.

The arrival of the third expedition

No Man’s Sky Frontiers adds a significant amount of elements to the base building system, such as the introduction of a Clean, minimal and contextual HUD to move the structures to your liking. In addition, it adds hundreds of new elements, advanced construction controls and a new menu that helps the construction of structures even more complex and ambitious. With the latter, players will be able to collect and move base pieces, duplicate them, and build new ones.

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Along with the update comes the third expedition. This new expedition will assign players the task of mapping and exploring planets, as well as minor performance quality improvements, redesigned visuals, and the addition of space nebulae to enhance the night sky.

No Mans Sky 5511157

Frontiers proves that No Man’s Sky deserves a closer look than ever. The game still extremely popular among its developers and offers a quite unparalleled sandbox experience. You can also read all the full patch notes and find out what’s new in exploration, science fiction, and construction.