Tale of Immortal, the Chinese open-world RPG that hit Steam earlier this year, is now playable in English

In early 2021, a Chinese video game began to sneak into the best-selling and most-played games on Steam. The game in question was Tale of Immortal, a Open world RPG with 2D graphics, based on the culture of the Asian country. The “problem” for western players is that the game was only in Chinese and we didn’t understand anything, but we can now play it in english.

Months ago, GuiGu, the studio in charge of the video game, announced that it would localize the title to English so that more players could enjoy it, and it has been. In the latest update, and as its creators have announced, the English has come to the game, although it is not completely complete: they calculate that there is a 90% of the title translated and localized, but it will be complete in the future.

This is sure to make many players happy, because there is a lot of curiosity to try it. The game had, according to SteamDB, a peak of 184.171 simultaneous users in February of this year, which caught the attention of the community. It is true that the Chinese player base is large, so the figures were understandable, but those numbers are still very high on Steam.

Tale of Immortal is still in early access

Tale of Immortal

Remember that Tale of Immortal is still on early access on Steam and that is why GuiGu has commented that the following content updates may not arrive with English from the first moment: “It is possible that small updates to the English version do not update in real time because localization requires a certain amount of time. “

Still, the study has ensured that it will complete the translation as soon as possible. If you have the game and played it in Chinese, it will probably still appear like this: you will have to change the language manually and restart the game, the study has warned. The latest update also fixes bugs and if you venture to give it a try, Tale of Immortal is now down on Steam.