Marvel’s Avengers removes controversial Denuvo in latest update, and players are already feeling the improvement

It is clear that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix They had another life in mind for Marvel’s Avengers, the ambitious game-as-a-service based on the Marvel universe. But, between the business model, and various decisions that the fans did not like, the video game it has not been success than expected. Now at least already does not have Denuvo on PC, something that will make many happy.

The latest game update has removed Denuvo from Marvel’s Avengers, the anti-piracy system that always creates so much controversy because it tends to negatively affect the performance of games. This issue is not explicitly listed in this patch notes, but it was made known through in-depth research on the update’s changes.

Some players already feel the improvement and it seems that Marvel’s Avengers has shorter loading times thanks to the absence of this system. We will have to wait, even so, for more in-depth performance analysis, because at first it seems that Denuvo did not significantly affect the title, something that did happen for example with Resident Evil Village.

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Denuvo has been in the game for a year and confirms a trend in many Square Enix games, which are released with this technology and then removed. The developers include this system to prevent piracy of your games, which is fine, but can affect game performance. Still, Marvel’s Avengers was hacked in October 2020, so it is not a 100% effective system.

Despite all the game’s problems, Crystal Dynamics continues to work on it and including content periodically To keep it as alive as I can In the middle of August the new and long-awaited content of Black Panther, and fans are still looking forward to what is to come in the future. Of course, for example, Spider-Man will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles.