The paid version of Cookie Clicker, a free game about wasting time that has been available for 8 years, triumphs on Steam

Somehow Cookie Clicker has managed to hook its players for years with a very simple proposition: click on a cookie to add points. It is satisfying, relaxing, and addictive; maybe it’s fair to put it on top of the so-called idle games. Now, more than ever, it is a success.

It’s hard to believe, but this free browser game released its paid version on Steam just a few hours ago —it’s the same thing, only with music, Workshop compatibility, and no ads— and has already reached the top 50 activity of the platform.

The enhancer (buff) internal game, which increases with the number of users connected at the same time, remains at full capacity. According to Steam DB, at the time of writing there are 13,675 simultaneous players, but the trend is clearly positive: the figure could continue to rise in the next few hours.

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The opinions that the game is generating are really good, too: Cookie Clicker already has almost 700 user reviews on the Valve platform, 98% of which are positive. Interestingly, this week we were also talking about how the idle game MIR4 triumphs in Steam activity but not in criticism: it is starred not by cookies, but by cryptocurrencies.